Bestop Trektop Ultra for JL Now Available

Bestop’s Trektop Ultra for JL is now available for pre-order. This new top has all the same features as seen on the Supertop Ultra for JL but has a fastback shape.

Some key features:

  • Fastback (slant back) appearance
  • Guide Track System makes retracting the top a one-person operation
  • Sunrider sunroof opens for front and rear passengers
  • Zipper-less channels make window install and removal easy
  • Lift-assist makes it simple for one person to shift the top from fully retracted to Sunrider feature.
  • Made with our premium Twill fabric
  • Fits the 2018-Current 4 Door JL Wrangler
  • Can be run in four configurations (see photos).

For more details and photos, see inside.