2018 Wrangler Open Tailgate Reveals Angled C-Pillar Design?

We took the liberty of enhancing our high-resolution spied photos of the 2018 Wrangler prototype’s open tailgate for this up-close look at the rear glass and C-pillar (to which wires are ziptied) which was left undisguised and visible once the tailgate was open.

This view gives us a look at what appears to be an angled C-pillar which will give the side profile and rear view a slightly less squared look. It also lends credence to rumors that the sport bar will not make its way to the next-generation Wrangler.

An angled C-pillar would result in an angled rear window shape, which FCA may be tipping by the window shape cut out on its camouflaged prototypes.

Also visible is the folded-up rear glass which in this mule is attached to struts seemingly mounted to the bottom of the C-Pillar.  What is missing from the mule (or perhaps just not visible from the photos) is an indication of the the new backglass design revealed in recent FCA patent filings which show plans for the glass to be able to be folded up over the roof and fastened to it with straps while lying on rubber rests.