Video: JL Wrangler Rubicon With 35″ Tires Only Shows Impressive Mettle on Difficult Trail

This is one of the reasons Wrangler owners rock — that there are ones willing to take their 7 day old JL Wrangler Rubicon onto a difficult trail and basically stress test what the factory components can handle!

We’re describing what JLWF member Kevin8086 did recently as he took his just 7 days old JL Wrangler Rubicon onto the Chinaman Gulch (rated a “Difficult” trail) and subjected it to all kinds of extreme offroad testing. Armed with only one upgrade (35-inch Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires), the JLUR shows how tough and capable it is out of the box. Besides its impressive crawling abilities, the stock components (bumper bumpers, skid plates, rock rails,  There’s also a bonus video showing the aftermath of the undercarriage!

This also confirms that no lift is needed with 35″ tires. Check out the videos inside.

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