Third Production Shift For JL Wrangler May Be Added Due to Record Sales


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Record sales of the Jeep Wrangler JL has FCA and UAW (United Auto Workers) considering adding a third production shift at the Toledo plant, where the JL Wrangler is assembled.

Currently, the plant runs two 10-hour shifts six to seven days a week. But that’s apparently not enough to satisfy demand for the JL, which broke all-time monthly sales records in March, April, May, July and August.  Jeep dealers have only a 41-day supply of the Wrangler when 60 days is considered ideal. Also, parts and manufacturing issues in the past two weeks has resulted in production falling below 900 units per day. Adding a third shift would help make up for any early production slow-downs and satisfy the torrid demand for the JL Wrangler!

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