Reason For 2.0L BSG Engine Fires at Toledo Lots Uncovered

Remember the Jeep JL Wranglers that caught on fire while being held at storage lots in Toleo back in May? The exact reason for the fires has now been uncovered by 13abc, a Toledo area TV station.

Fiat Chrysler would not release the reason behind the fires, but a state investigation into the fires has shed light on what caused the Jeep JL’s to ignite. The first fire happened on May 21st in a Counter street lot in Toledo owned by the Ann Arbor railroad. That’s where approximately 20 Jeeps caught fire. The company investigated, said they knew what the problem was but didn’t reveal it. Well it turns out even more Jeeps had caught fire in early May at the Toledo Express Airport in Swanton. That case was turned over to the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office. In the course of the investigation, the state was notified by FCA that the problem was identified — the culprit being a high resistance connection of a battery cable for under the rear passenger seat.”

Jeep has since remedied this issue and no Jeep JL with this potential issue was ever delivered. Read more and discuss inside.



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