Rancho 3.5″ Inch Sport Suspension System For Non-Rubicon JLU

Rancho Performance Suspension and Shocks has just announced the launch of their 3.5″ Sport Suspension system using their RS5000X with DRS (Dynamic Rebound Spring) technology for  the Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited (4 door) non-Rubicon.

This new, 100-percent bolt-on system from Rancho allows for the use of up to 35-inch tires for capable, all-around performance. The Sport system also features a NEW Rancho exclusive innovation to the Jeep JL: Rancho® RS5000™X shocks with brand-new Dynamic Rebound Spring (DRS) technology. New DRS technology is a unique internal system that includes a precisely tuned metal spring and fortified interior construction to provide additional control, reduce body roll and prevent rod overextension inside the shock. The new system includes a pair of front and rear corner-specific progressive rate coil springs, specifically tuned to provide superior on-road comfort and off-road performance.

See inside for more technical specs and details of what’s included in the suspension kit.