Racechip for 2.0L Jeep JL Turbo Claims 20% MPG and Over 10% Performance Gains

Racechip, a piggyback tuning module, has been released for the turbo 2.0L Jeep JL Wrangler boasting some impressive gains – up to +20% MPG and +29 HP / +44 LB-FT, depending on module version.

What’s a piggyback software tuner? In short, it’s a plug-in module that allows owners to modify stock fuel injection without altering/replacing the ECU. It can do so in various ways – some modules modify the injector duty cycle control signals as they travel from the ECU to the injectors. Others modify input data to the ECU (like MAF for example), effectively tricking the ECU into delivering more or less fuel at a given RPM.

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