Pedal Commander Can Quicken or Delay Throttle Response on the JL

The Jeep JL Wrangler features an electronic drive-by-wire throttle pedal, which some feel has some lag (delay in throttle response), often most noticeable when accelerating to merge into traffic or feathering the throttle on a trail.

The Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller helps eliminate that lag. It’s a plug and play device that intercepts the electronic signal that your accelerator pedal sends to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). It then alters the signal (by telling the ECU the throttle is at a more depressed position) to allow for more rapid engine acceleration, which is reflected in faster pedal response. The Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport and Sport+, with 8 sensitivity settings for each control modes.

For those JL owners who feel the factory throttle is actually too sensitive, the Pedal Commander can instead slow down the throttle response — in Eco mode (or with City Mode dialed down).

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