New JLU Wrangler Rubicon Spied With Interior Unconcealed

The drivers of this JLU Wrangler Rubicon prototype were in the mood for some McDonalds, which luckily gave a keen observer the chance to snap these close-up photos, giving us a good standing look at the exterior, including a peek at the partially uncovered interior.

The interior photos are the story here, as it’s the second best look after the interior was first spied months ago.  As with the first interior spied, this prototype which was captured by the folks at MotorAuthority also features red dash trim and red seat stitching, which may indicate that all Rubicon models will feature a red dash and red seat stitching (to go along with red tow hooks and shocks).  Unless of course this is still a “frankenjeep” — prototypes put together with a mish-mash of parts from different models/trims.

The great debate among JLWF members is whether this JLU is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission.  Share your thoughts with us inside.


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