Nemesis Industries Crawler & Notorious Fender Flares For Jeep JL

Nemesis Industries has released the Crawler and Notorious fender flares for the Jeep JL Wrangler.

The Crawler Fender Flares are designed with the hardcore Jeeper in mind, providing the same level of protection as Nemesis’s other flares with a narrow, super high clearance design — good for a low center of gravity style build with big tires and loads of flex.

A less hardcore alternative are the Notorious Fender Flares which offer high clearance for big tires on mild lift kits and is designed for a daily driven JLs that still sees heavy trail use. While about two inches narrow at its widest point than the factory fender flares, the Notorious Fenders still offer enough tire coverage to keep your rig road legal and the worst of the dirt and debris under your Jeep.

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