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Moab Hood Decal and 3.0L Diesel Badge Found in JL Parts Search

There’s yet to be any announcement of special edition JL Wranglers but a little digging in the FCA parts catalog revealed some interesting findings.

First discovered by JLWF member Michael (mrnoodley) in the 2018 Jeep JL section, there appears a new “Moab” hood decal that has not been offered on any previous Wrangler.

It remains to be seen whether the decal signals a future Moab special edition JL package or it’s just a hood decal to go along with the related Moab body decal (as seen on the Mopar-modified JL shown in LA).

Also seen for the first time is the badge for the upcoming 3.0L diesel JL currently scheduled to enter production next summer.

One additional finding is the Overland JL badge which shows up as a non-U.S. part in the system. This badge has been glimpsed in previous spy photos and provide even further confirmation that the Overland JL will be export-only.

Check out these JL parts findings inside.