Maximus-3 Previews Its JL Geo-Lift Suspension System and High Steer Kit

Maximus-3 previews their upcoming Geo-Lift Full Suspension System and High Steer Kit for the Jeep JL. Their Geo-Lift System is a full geometry correction lift system engineered for optimal geometry, superb ride quality and off-road performance. It’s supposed to add height to your JL while improving both on and off-road driveability.

System features touted by Maximus-3 include:

  • Correct front & rear track bar angles
  • Correct caster angle
  • High steer kit with SteerSmarts Yeti XD flipped Draglink
  • High positioned steering stabilizer
  • Geometric correction of every suspension and steering component
  • Reduced stress on parts and components
  • Increased height/clearance
  • Increased performance on & off-road

Read on inside for more details and updates, as well as a hands on review from a JLWF member.


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