JLWF Photograph of the Month Contest – Submit Yours Now!


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Introducing the first JLWF Photograph of the Month Contest — for October 2018!

We’ve just kicked off our first monthly photo contest in which JLWF members get to post and vote on JL Wrangler photos from other members of the JL community.  Beyond the glory of admiration from fellow members, the winner will also have their JL Wrangler photo permanently added to the JLWF header image rotation!!

We encourage you all to post a photo (limit one photo per user per contest) of your JL Wrangler. Even if you are not sharing a photo, all viewers of the contest thread will be able to VOTE on the photos by clicking on the “Like” button below the post(s) that you think deserve to win that month’s photo contest.

Click here to view and participate in the JLWF Photograph of the Month for October 2018!


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