JL Wrangler to Feature Soft Panels, Foldable Rear Window, New Lights and Aerodynamics

A new report has just dropped a huge trove of details about what to expect for the next generation Jeep Wrangler (JL) when it it debuts in 2017.

The info comes by way of Allpar with claims that the JL Wrangler will use the second generation 8-speed 850RE automatic transmission made by Chrysler and several design changes including removable soft roof panels instead of the traditional soft tops offered today.

Aerodynamic changes will also be made in the name of better fuel economy: changes in windshield angle, mirrors and underbody as well as a light-hybrid version one to two years after launch will help the Wrangler in the face of increasingly strict regulations.

Not all will be sacrificed in the name of weight reduction and fuel economy, however, as the JL Wrangler is rumored to retain a steel frame with minimal use of aluminum on the hood and door panels.

A new FCA patent also shows a full folding back glass design which can be pinned to clips which are built into the roof structure.

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