JL Wrangler on 3 Inch Mopar Lift Kit, Mopar Wheels and 37 Inch Tires

The first Mopar modified JL Wrangler has been spotted.  This JL Wrangler is confirmed to be lifted with a 3-inch Mopar Lift Kit and sits on Mopar wheels wrapped in 37″ tires.

Assuming this JL has factory axles, it shows us that the standard Rubicon axles (Dana M210 Wide Front Axle / Dana M220 Wide Rear Axle) can handle 37-inch tires.

Mopar will be offering lift kits in multiple heights for the JL Wrangler, just as it did for the JK Wrangler. The Mopar Lift Kits for the JK came in 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 4.5-inch.


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