JL Wrangler Models Will Include Gasoline, Diesel, Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid

This recently released chart by FCA shows the several JL Wrangler drivetrains that will be offered throughout its model life…

The next generation Wrangler JL will receive:

  1. at launch, gasoline engines from FCA’s current crop of engines.
  2. sometime after 2018, next generation powertrains, which includes a ‘mild hybrid’ system utilizing regenerative braking (which recaptures energy to help charge the car’s battery used for car’s electrical systems)
  3. next gen diesel, around 2020
  4. full hybrid, comes after 2022

Besides the new drivetrains, the JL Wrangler’s platform architecture also focuses on reduced energy demand through:

  1. extensive use of high strength steel and alternative materials
  2. active aero system to reduce drag
  3. advanced electronic systems such as axle disconnect and electric steering systems

As this chart shows, increased efficiency is clearly an important part of the next generation of Wranglers.