JL Wrangler Destroyed By Trash Truck, But Owner Survives

Here is what happens when a fully loaded trash truck runs a red light and collides with a JL Wrangler Unlimited. Luckily, the JL’s new safety cage and safety advances kept the owner alive.

Advances to the safety cage of the JL Wrangler kept this JLWF member’s head from making contact with the garbage truck. The force of the collision bent the top of the cage down and transferred energy all the way to the rear where it broke the frame open (see the photos inside).

Even so, the collision was violent enough to result in the driver’s fractured skull, brain bleed, bruised lung and sternum (from the air bag), and fractured wrist.  Would the owner purchase another JL considering how it performed in the crash?  They already have — picking up the exact optioned and colored JLU Rubicon 3 weeks ago!


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