JL LED Headlight Kits by Inspired Engineering

JLWF sponsor Inspired Engineering has released their LED headlight kits for the Jeep JL Wrangler.

The headlights come in their Halo or EVO II styles and each kit includes:

  • A pair of headlights (Halo or EVO II style)
  • Wiring adaptors (no need to cut, splice, or remove the wiring from your stocks)
  • Headlight brackets (assembled in the headlights)
  • Additional wiring and connectors needed

The headlights are 100% plug and play for the JL, with only wiring for the ancillaries ( The DRL and AMber blinker) which are optional. These are not only for non-LED equipped Jeep JL, but would also provide an upgrade over (stronger than) the factory LED headlights. See the full product details inside.