Jeep “HERCULES” Gladiator Pickup Being Developed to Battle Ford Raptor

Through its insider sources, our sister-site Jeep Gladiator Forum has learned that FCA is developing a Jeep Gladiator “Hercules” high-performance model to compete with the likes of the Ford Raptor!

The Gladiator Hercules is currently being evaluated for market viability so it has not been fully green-lighted yet. And no supplier contracts are yet in place, but Hercules prototypes are being built as one-offs for testing purposes.

Although no FCA officials have yet confirmed this model to be coming, Mark Allen, head of Jeep design, did recently hinted at a to a future high speed off-roading Jeep in this recent interview from the LA Auto Show.

As for what the Gladiator Hercules could resemble? Jeep Gladiator Forum has  rendered up their vision of what it could look like.