Introducing Motor City Aftermarket, Jeep JL Parts Made With Tank DNA

We welcome Motor City Aftermarket to the Jeep JL Wrangler market, and as a JLWF sponsor.

Their parent company (located in Livonia, MI) has been manufacturing tank parts for over 40 years. Why is that important? The same men and women that build those parts manufacture their Jeep Wrangler components — hence the use of “Made with Tank DNA” in much of their communications. As such, Motor City Aftermarket holds itself to strict quality and delivery standards. If you’re on their site, check out their powder coat process which exceeds the military standards for salt spray testing by double. They also aim to have 100% of their JL products in stock 100% of the time.

They already have a full array of parts for the JL, with more on the way. Currently available parts include:

  • Front Stubby Bumper
  • Fairlead Light Mount
  • Rear Bumper (with and without sensors)
  • Rock Rails
  • Rock Rails, Tubular Style, 4DR
  • Tube Doors
  • Trail Mirrors
  • Windshield Light Bar Mount, Tubular

You can connect with Motor City Aftermarket directly in their forum section, or their website.