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Intro: fifteen52 and the Turbomac HD Wheel

We would like to welcome and introduce fifteen52 to the JLWF community!  You can engage with them now in their fifteen52 sponsor forum.

In their own words, fifteen52’s number one goal is to offer their customers whatever wheels and styling enhancements they desire in order to make them feel they own truly unique automobiles. They opened their doors in 1996 as a division of Joe Hoppen Motorsport. Joe was the former director for Porsche Motorsport North America, and was responsible for entering Porsche into the fabled SCCA Can-Am series. Though some of the faces at the company have changed over the years, they’re still a group of enthusiasts looking to have some fun, meet some cool people, and make a little money while doing it. Yes, money is important, but let’s be real – if money were that important, they’d all have real jobs by now.

fifteen52 has already posted its JL Rubicon Adventure Build and launched its off-road Turbomac HD Wheel for the JL Wrangler so be sure to check it out!