Heavy Duty Steering Parts for Jeep JL by Synergy MFG – Tie Rods and Drag Links

Synergy MFG introduces heavy duty steering components for the Jeep JL Wrangler – their Heavy Duty Jeep JL Tie Rods and Heavy Duty Jeep JL Drag links.

Their tie rod and drag link are both direct bolt-in replacements for all Jeep JL models and are compatible with stock wheels with no wheel spacers. Both components feature fully welded bars unlike the OEM crimped design and feature much larger heavy duty greaseable metal on metal tie rod ends for increased durability and strength. Both bars also feature a single plane tie rod end on one end to prevent excessive unwanted movement (flop) and to simplify installation. The bars feature pinch bolts on both ends and a double adjuster assembly on one end so the length of the bar can be adjusted without removing it from the vehicle.

According to Synergy MFG: with all the steering issues being reported on the Jeep JL, these components are easy upgrades to prevent the tie rod, drag link, and steering stabilizer from being contributing factors to steering shimmy or death wobble. Check out the full product details and images inside.