Aggressive Below Invoice Deals on JL Wranglers

JLWF sponsors Tri-City Jeep, Ourisman Jeep, Koons of Tysons Corner and Criswell Jeep are currently offering some great below-invoice deals on JL Wranglers.

Criswell Jeep (of Maryland) is offering up to 8% below invoice (with affiliate rewards) on JL Wranglers.

Craig at Koons of Tysons Corner (of Virginia) is offering 8% below invoice on all 2018 JL Wranglers.

Marco at Ourisman Jeep (of Maryland) is currently offering 8.25% below invoice with tread lightly discount (7.25% without).

Trevor at Tri-City Jeep is currently offering up to 7% below invoice pricing on their JL Wranglers.

Additionally, Farrish Jeep (VA) and Jim Marsh (NV) each provide discounts to JLWF members, so be sure to inquire in their forum sections: Jim Marsh Forum and Farrish Jeep Forum.

Happy buying and ordering everyone!


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