Giveaway of the Month: Metalcloak JL M220 Rear Differential Skid Plate

Metalcloak has announced their giveaway for this month — their JL Wrangler M220 Rear Axle Differential Skid Plate.


The MetalCloak JL Wrangler M220 Rear Differential Skid Plate (DSP) protects the vulnerable ridges on the JL M220 rear differential.

The JL Wrangler has a new rear differential design with pronounced hang up spots that can be damaged if hit while off-roading; hitting these locations can hang you up when trying to get over an obstacle and even worse break off the mounting points of your differential cover.

MetalCloak’s laser cut, 7 gauge, Rear Differential Skid Plate easily bolts on to keep your Jeep sliding over the terrain and ensures that your differential is saved from damage. Gold Zinc plated for additional anti-rust prevention.

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