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May 27, 2020
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The simple answer is, that opinions on price and value of any vehicle, are, and will always be completely subjective. It will always be up to the potential buyer to decide for themselves what is, and isn't a good "price" for a car.

And the number of units of any vehicle that a manufacture sells at a given price, is the ultimate indicator of whether the general market agrees with that Manufacturer's pricing strategy.

I suppose one could also just watch what happens with the sales price on a new vehicle after the initial "buzz" period ends, for a decent gauge as well.

Are the Manufacturers still struggling to meet demand, and buyers still dealing with choosing between long wait times or dealer markups one year in? Or are they piling up on dealer lots, with heavy manufacturer subsidized discounts by the end of their first year or two of production.

With any new vehicle, all it really takes is time, if a buyer is uncertain about whether or not a vehicles price is too high.

Regardless, filtering what others choose to do with their car-purchasing abilities through your own "parameters" is silly.

And that's because no two people share the exact same circumstances, nor the exact same priorities, that will heavily influence that persons willingness to spend whatever amount of money for a car.

I do agree with you though, that far too many people are willing to over-leverage themselves to get something they probably shouldn't. Hence the popularity of Bankruptcy Law Firm commercials.

(I can't criticism them too much though, since that would make me quite the hypocrite. I have never personally been through a bankruptcy, but I've been close... I may be a little wiser now, but I was young and over-confident once too. ;) )

By the way, this is not intended as a slight towards your statements in any way, more just an observation.

Well said, completely agree. I bought one. i Have been blessed, I work hard, I enjoy cars and especially v-8’s . Some of the comments are out of line, if we cared about gas mileage we all be buying Prius’s. If we cared about price, we would by a KIA. I am happy for you and all that purchase one. This is an awesome opportunity for long time Jeep owners to finally get what we have been asking for for decades. Enjoy!


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Apr 3, 2017
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costs too much. (comparison to trx is interesting)
you cant get it in a two door
you cant get it with a manual
you cant get it with part time 4wd
range on a tank of gas is gonna be dismal

i know lots of folks have dreamed of a v8 jeep for years. i had a v8 cj (stock v8 motor) with a few things done to the suspension and motor. it sure as hell didnt cost the equivalent of 73k at the time. and it had a manual and was a two door.

frankly, what i'd prefer would be a twin turbo 6 3L. a bit more HP and torque, better at altitudes. better at gas mileage. even a smaller v8 would be preferable.

for those that just dreamed of the sound and acceleration of the v8, that is enough i assume to justify the cost.
The v8 is just to ward off some of the Bronco noise and a last ditched effort from FCA to say they did it before everything's electric.

I'd love one in a two door.

That said, price point is not too high (today -- maybe different in a year or two), as they're going to sell every single one they make without issue, and probably many with mark ups.

If anything, it's priced too low. Of course, I wish it came in a two door, manual, with full time 4wd and was cheaper as well!


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