Wiring Kiwi LED Halos to parking lights JLUS

  1. TopsOff

    TopsOff Active Member

    20' JLU Sport S
    Sep 19, 2019
    New England
    Hi everyone. I’ve been doing a ton of reading regarding LED headlights and how to wire aftermarket halos. It seems most wire to Fuse 57 and have the halos on anytime the key is on. Ideally I’d love to have the aux switches and be able to control them, but that’s not happening today. Nor do I want to implement an aftermarket switch somewhere. I was thinking of instead wiring them to the parking light circuit - so that they’d come on with the selection of parking lamps and then stay on with selection of headlights - and I’d still be able to turn them off from the drivers seat via the headlight selector. Trade off is the marriage of parking lights to halos, but I think for me that’s a fair trade off.

    Has anyone done this instead of wiring direct to fuse box, and if so - would it be as easy as I’m thinking by just tee-ing each halo wire into the on-side parking light hot wire? Anything I’m missing here?

    Additional info: This is for a 2020 Sport. I don’t have DRL capability but I do have auto headlights. I also picked up LED fog lamps and switchbacks for the turn signals / parking lights. I already have a Tazer Mini married to the Jeep.

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