What will I gain? What will I lose? Please help!


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Jan 14, 2019
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2020 AEV JL370 - Hellayella JLUR
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I am looking at adding the below to my currentl 100% stock 2019 JLU Sahara. I mainly do road driving with the occasional off-road on light to medium trails - no rock crawling ever. I maybe go off-roading 1 time a month at most and its just for fun for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour. Yes I'm a neub. This will mainly be for looks. I live in Wisconsin.

I need you help determining if this is a mistake - should I stay stock...or will it be worth it?

Thank you!!

Looking at one of these two lift kits:

A) Mopar 2" Lift


B) BDS 2" Suspension Lift Kit with Fox 2.0 Series Shocks

The off road shop I am working with recommends the BDS as they say they tend to ride better, have disconnect sway bars, and come with more parts.

I plan on also buying the below to pair the lift with:

- Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/70R18 (this is a 34.29” tire by 11.77” wide)
- I will install the tires on my existing 18” stock wheels
- I will install Rough Country 2" wheel spacers

@ Watchtower02 - Take a look at this build. It's a perfect one for you to emulate in terms of suspension and wheels.



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Apr 26, 2020
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2020 Jeep JL
What you are gaining is not worth the cost. A two inch lift and 35's look great on a JL, but I have to tell you I have been down both roads. The 2 inch lift and 35's are great if your not doing any crawling, twisting and flexing your tires will still rub and it is really going to piss you off when you tear one of the fender liners off ( I DID IT, I KNOW). Now I run the 285's 33" stock suspension (JL) and I can pretty much go where I want, no rubbing. I am not into seeing if I can go straight up a rock, gave that up years ago. BUT, I do not let the road in front of me stop me or slow me down. Not into just having it for the look, thats just being a poser. If you aren't going to use it for some serious shit. Save your money and put new speakers and a nice sub in
From a cost perspective it will cost you roughly twice of what you planned for because you will do all the suspension mods i.e. sway bar, dual gas shocks, drive lines, gears, etc you know the road I am going down. Sometimes Good is better than Great $$$$. Its like heroin, once your on it, well, your on it... Also I looked at it from a performance (engine) view and also transmission all of that. You will notice it takes a bit more gas pedal to get those 35's or 37's going down the road. Then you will start with the engine mods, cold tube, Cat backs, Tuner, Injectors, Spacer, more heroin..... If you use it for what you are building it for then please do it, I did and I will never regret it. Now i am a little older and dont have the time ( I tinker) I love my jeep and I use it for what it was built for, just not quite like I used to. Good luck to you and throw some pics up...

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