What is the best, from a bad experience, situation you have had when dealing with an aftermarket company?


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Feb 23, 2020
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Ventura, CA
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So I got rock sliders shipped from Metalcloak via FedEx. The 2 boxes were shipped out the same day. I got one box on Friday. So, Metalcloak is like 300 miles from my house. Some how in a drive down like 1 major freeway, FedEx was able to separate the two packages. I thought that maybe the guy left the other box on the truck or it never made it to the truck that morning. So i waited until Saturday... no dice. So i checked the tracking number today and FedEx has now declared the item destroyed/ damaged in transit. and is "returning the product to the manufacturer". My first thought is: its a rock slider, what is "damaged". but you cant call FedEx.

So long stupid story shorter (hopefully), I call Dan and Will at Metalcloak and explain the situation. Seems like FedEx is good at damaging packages. I tell Will that I am going on a week + long trip to Moab, Colorado and then the Rubicon in a little less than 2 weeks. This is obviously going to be a "thing" if I dont have some sliders. No expectations or demands but they are going to do everything in their power to help me out.

There are not many industries anymore that actually offer real customer service but the Jeep aftermarket is the best. Metalcloak has real actual humans that answer the phone and they are genuinely concerned about their brand and their customers. Top Shelf!

So only positive answers; what stories do you have?