What Do You Lose? - Cloth Seats vs Leather (Katzkin Related)


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Nov 22, 2017
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Washington State
Hope a new JL (Previously had a JKU)
Hi All, new sponsor here and I read through this post and wanted to offer a little info. Katzkin has had a partnership with Mopar (FCA) since 2003. We have been available as a Mopar accessory and have also been available as a factory option on select models including the JK for several years. I happy to say we will also be available on the JL starting in June 2018. One item to clarify, this Katzkin factory option will not have the rear armrest, or the leather door pulls.(option code CBS/CBQ)
With regard to cooled/heated seats - In our aftermarket division we offer a product called Degreez. Degreez is a cooled (not just ventilated) and heated seat system. https://katzkinvrs.com/_manage_/res/marketing/DegreezCutAwaySheet_Cropped.pdf
However, we currently cannot offer the Degreeez product for the JL. We are working very hard to have it available by the end of June or sooner!
Keep in mind when adding the Degreez product, you must also add a new leather interior with foam the is designed to allow the air to pass through and the leather insert of the seat must be perforated.

Any update on the Degreez product? I am considering this as an option and I am curious about the costs


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