Water comes in when hard braking


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Oct 25, 2018
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So yesterday we had the first real torrent rain since my JL ownership. Previously I have gone through carwashing, garden hosing, monsoon rain, and so far no leak (nor abnormal noise for that matters). Took freedom panels on and off for 10+ times and at the end of the season I applied 303 to all seals. Seems much better than the ole' leakin' JK, right?

Well yesterday, I was driving through this “real rain”, and I found whenever I do a hard braking (say coming to a full stop from 45 mph+), and it is somewhat inclined (downhill), water drops in and leaves watermark on passenger door trim panel. So I checked around door seal and found the mucket seal is probably the weak point (1:41 in this video)

Collected water in channel probably seeps in from there when hard braking forcing a forward momentum and the steep slope gave another downward momentum, so the "perfect storm". Other than the mucket seal, every other header seal, hardtop seal, freedom seal are in good conditions, not pinched whatsoever.

After several tries to replicate the issue, I found out I can only have water comes in with three conditions all met:

(1) hard downpour
(2) somewhat incline
(3) hard braking

Other than that, it does not leak during normal driving or stand still. I guess I will call it "a Jeep thing" and try to avoid these three conditions?