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Jan 21, 2019
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Yonkers, New York
2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon
So I have been lingering around on this forum since I purchased the jeep in February 2019 and figured it was time to start a build thread.

Before I get into the build here is some background information about me, I am currently living in Yonkers NY and moved down here just over two years from Kingston Ontario Canada. Before I got this JL I had a 2014 JK Sahara that I had lifted with a 4" lift and 37" tires. I loved that JK and only traded it in because I thought I needed a large vehicle, so I traded that in for a 2017 Ford F150. As soon as I saw the JL, I knew that it wasn't going to be long before I made the switch back to a Jeep. I purchase my 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon 3.6L in December 2018 nd it was delivery February 2019.

So let start my build review;


Unfortunately I got my jeep when there was a backorder for the LED headlights in Canada, so my Jeep did not come with the LED package. First thing I did was add the Morimoto LED DRL Gen 1, later on I added black vinyl to the wheels and ran the above set up until this Spring;

In the Spring because I wanted to learn how to vinyl wrap and because I am not a fan of the red accents, I decided that I would attempt to wrap the grill, dash and change the accept color to Neon Yellow.

The grill was what I started with and and it was definitely a challenge. The outcome was ok but not prefect it will definitely need to be to refinished in the future. The next part was the dash and it took two attempts to get to the final results shown in the photos below. On the first attempt I learned the vinyl of using quality quality vinyl wrap and a heat gun instead of a blow dryer. On the second attempt I used 3M vinyl wrap which was a lot easier to work with and the end result was soo good that I decide to wrap a few other parts.

To complain the new neon yellow accents on the dash, I also dyed the red contrast stitching to black using on both the interior panels and the seats. To dye the stitching I used a "permanent " fabric marker pen and the result is ok, but it does rub off in high traffic areas wear and will probably need to be redone annually.

The next thing I did this year was in June for my birthday, where I purchases myself a set of used Mopar LED headlights and aftermarket LED fog lights. Following in July I came across a good deal on some used 37" tires so I decided to jump and it and install the tired with a 2.5" lift.

Below are some photo of the jeep along with a list of the current modification.









Current Modifications:

- 37x13.5R17 Cooper Discovery STT Pro Wheels
- 2.5" Rough Country Spacer Lift
- Steer Smart Yeti XD Adjustable Front Track Bar
- Mopar LED Headlights
- Morimoto Sequential Gen 2 LED Signal Lights
- Morimoto Smoke Side Reflectors
- Amazon LED Fog Lights
- Vivid Wrapped Black Grill
- 3M Wapped Dash with Neon Yellow Accents
- 3M Wrapped Tow Hooks
- 3M Wrapped Rubicon Shocks.
- PixelDecal.com Custom Rubicon Sticker
- PixelDecal.com Custom Rubicon Wheel Sticker (Black Mini Jeep)
- Spray Wrapped (SuperWraps) Jeep Decal & Trail Emblem
- JeepDecalStore.com Wrapped Rubicon Wheels
- Teraflex 1.75" Wheel Spacers
- Rough Country Tailgate Reinforcement Bracket
- Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket (Custom Drilled)
- Trakform JL Vent Phone Holder.
- Speedo Recalibrated with AEV Procal

I look forward to updating this topic more regular as I am sure there is more to come.