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Aug 10, 2017
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Many of you will likley think I am a dumb ___ but thats ok. I have several questions about using a uconnect. First lets say you have a phone or a tablet hooked up and it is running a navigation app with topo that hopefully can be viewed on the uconnect screen. This means that the screen will take what is on the tablet
(actually it is on the 128 gig micro sd card that is installed on the tablet). Now say you want to play music, but the music is not on my phone i would probably have to down the musisc to a thumb drive or something and play it from there.

I am probably gonna dump the iphone and go android. but what if the tablet is android and the the phone ia an I-PHONE running say audible instead of music. ?

So can this uconnect play music and project the nav app at the same time?

On my 2008 MY GIG 430n I can do this ( excpet project the map app onto the screen) and answer the phone as well.

So how do you hook all this stuff up? I am assuming the phone is blue tooth, and will interupt the music like it does on the mygig?

I had a rental cherokee the other day and it would not read the tablet android. but it was a base model radio although similar screen. and did work with my iphone but not for navigation.
So any one with a top of the line GC have any ideas yet.


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