Using the Mopar Cab Cover on a Soft Topped JLU


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Feb 18, 2018
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2018 JLU, 2019 KL, 2020 JT
Here are some pics of using the Mopar cab cover on a soft top equipped JLU. It's not the best fit, but I like that due to the light weight material, it fits in the rear storage area.
mopar cover stored.jpg

Here's how the top fits with the top down and the doors on.
cover step side.jpg

Here's how it fits with the top down and the doors off.
cover no door side.jpg

I didn't like trying to thread the straps between the step and the body, so I drilled some holes in the bottom of the step to hook the straps into. I like how this keeps the cover away from the body.
cover no door door shoot.jpg

Here's how it looks in the back. There is a gap, but very little water get's in.
cover no door back.jpg

The poor fit with the lowered soft top makes the top loose and rain water will pool between the roll bars.
mopar cover sagged.jpg

The instructions say to use a towel around the center section of the roll bar to raise the parking cover 4" to 6" to help with water run off. Here's how many towels mine took. I don't like the towels and I'm going to try using a large foam ball instead.
cover prop.jpg

Here's what it looks like on the outside. With the center raised like this, water runs right off.
cover propped.jpg

Here's how it fits with the top up and the doors off. No problem with water pooling on the top, but there's not much protection in the back from anything but straight vertical rain. This would be an excellent cover for doors off with the windows installed.
cover no door top side.jpg

cover no door top back.jpg

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