Update via Uconnect in Head Unit


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Jul 2, 2019
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Central California
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Just had an automatic update to my Ram via an over-the-air update sent to the vehicle. After, the audio system won't turn off when the ignition is off and a door is opened...takes about two minutes for the radio to give up and shut off.
Went to dealer (reputable), and they say sending updates via the Uconnect system is how FCA is wanting to do things now, and to expect to see more of this with newer vehicles.
Turns out there's now a code thrown for the body PCM that would cause radio to stay on - may or may not be related to update. Will have to have troubleshot. Tried updating via the USB port - still won't turn off so may just be coincidence it happened with update.
Worth watching for if you get notice an update is about to occur. They don't want you to drive anywhere while it's updating - which could be silly if it happens while in the local drive-through (sorry folks behind me, you'll have to wait for your dinner until my update is done in about 15 minutes!).
Since our Jeeps have the same Uconnect system, it won't be long before we get updates sent that way for them, too.

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