Uconnect 3 5" problems with new JLU


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Sep 6, 2018
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Seattle, WA
2018 JLU
Hi, I've had my JLU Sport for a little over a month and I'm quite happy with it. The only negative to me is the Uconnect system that came with it and I'd like to know if others have the same issues or if my unit is just broken or fundamentally flawed. I only play music from an SSD attached to the USB-C port and that's all I'm really interested in. The problems I experience constantly are:

1. Starting the vehicle after a seemingly arbitrary length of time causes the music library to "reset" in that it doesn't start playing where it was before and typically defaults to playing music alphabetical by artist.
2. When #1 occurs, it typically takes 60 seconds for music to begin playing.
3. Under the same scenario, the volume controls on the steering wheel or head unit and stop/play touchscreen buttons are unusable. This means that whatever song the unit defaults to will start whether I like it or not and at the volume I left it before shutdown. The controls are usable only after it finishes this rebuild process.
4. Also, control of music by voice does not work for an even longer amount of time, typically around 5 minutes (it says that my library is not ready or something to that effect)

I know these issues may sounds trivial but I'm a bit of an audiophile and like my music just so.

I will add that I am using a 128GB SSD which by all info I've found online is too large but these problems were all occurring with a 32GB thumb drive as well. Also, I keep music in FLAC files but I've gotten the same results with MP3s (on the smaller thumb-drive)

Any ideas? I'm perfectly willing to order and install the Uconnect 4 7" myself as detailed elsewhere on this site if the problem is simply because I opted for the cheapest head unit. Thanks.