Towing a camper lifted


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Aug 3, 2018
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Sorry but two wrongs do not make a right especially when others lives are at stake. You should have backed off and call State Patrol and had them intercept. Most RV trailer tires are now made in China and have very limited tolerances which also compounds the speed and heat issues often overlooked. Like You I sold my Class A due to the lack of legal ability to tow a Wrangler (and the 4.9 mpg I was getting) and moved to a 41' 17,000lb 5th Wheel where one mistake can be catastrophic which is why I have added tire pressure and heat monitors to my trailer tires (more to manage tire heat then pressure).
So you think that in Northern Michigan, there are law enforcement officers right around the corner. Some things require action. What you are talking about is risk assessment. and apparently your level of risk tolerance is very low.

For some reason you think a light camper, 1800 lbs. is going to heat up the tires in about a mile to failure? Really??? You would let someone hauling a 2500 lb SxS that was not strapped down just continue down the hyw with out warning them that their SxS was not strapped down? So in this situation, lets say you don't warn them even thou you could. You call the police, they are no where to intercept them. Then 10 miles down the road, you come upon the accident where the SxS has came off the trailer and killed a family of six in a mini van. You could have warned them, but hey it was someone else responsibility. Good thing you are safe.

I will not stand by, if I think I can stop a potential tragic incident, I will act even if it exposes me to some risk. This situation was very very low risk.

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