The Dummies Guide to JL Warranties


Oct 12, 2016
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Jay: perhaps this belongs under Ordering and Pricing Discussions. I'll leave it to your discretion as to the proper placement of this thread.

The question up front:

I want the full monty extended warranty. But others may desire less. Is anyone knowledgeable on the MOPAR and non-MOPAR offerings, and how to logistically go through shopping for and negotiating the best price from which vendor?

What important things don't they cover? What are the top factors people should use in determining if, and at what level of coverage best suits them? Do I buy at the time of taking possession of the rig or not?

Bias: I am normally warranty adverse. On most products I don't take service contracts. If an item fails, replacement, or doing without is usually my remedy. I tend to view such contracts as ways for those that offer them to make money, not provide service. But I bought a 1st year rig with open eyes and the risk that comes with that. True, 5th year rigs may statistically be not as good as 1st year rigs as FCA becomes more complacent. But bleeding edge risk does exist.


The preamble, or maybe just ramble:

The word dummy, as in the title here implies stupidity: something that neither I, nor few of us here are---but the term's become common speak given the Wiley Publishing series of books that cover life's topic.

Rather, I am ignorant. I need education, that with it, will help me make solid decisions that work for me (and hopefully you too, even though your priorities and decisions might differ from mine) as it regards the acquisition of Warranties for my new JL.

Search this here though I have here, the one thread I found died at the initial post--a couple of posts here and there though do shed some good light.

Ok, so we all have different aversion levels to risk and priorities with our money to hedge against it with Insurance, or in the case of an automobile (a.k.a.): a Warranty. And are differences are a good thing. Heck, if we all valued things the same they're we be no trade. We'd have to make all products ourselves like man did at the dawn of pre-civilization.

I fall on the risk adverse/willing to part with money for assurances side of the equation. You may not and that's cool. I went to MOPAR looking at warranties and have questions. I ordered my factory rig (that I've yet to fully pay for/take possession of) with open eyes of it being the 1st model year of what a recent video that tears down the JL reveals, or at least seems to be a relatively complex rig "under the covers." Whether that complexity is justified or over-engineered I'll leave to others to decide on other threads.

But what we can't disagree on is that this complexity creates more possible points of system failures.

For me, the cost of my time and aggravation of getting the rig into a service center for non-scheduled maintenance will alone be frustration enough. I'd like to pay for its costs, or most of its costs up front and be done with it.


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