Tech Support & Marketing need to get on the same page


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Feb 17, 2018
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On the weekends we take our new Rubicon 4 wheeling and on Monday back to a dealership to short out the problems of the weekend. The Jeep has now been in for service 5 times, we have had problems from not starting after the jeep get warm from climbing up some rocks, to the software telling the main computer were are not in 4L so it take the locker and sway-bar away. Steering locking up and dead spot in steering wheel. The first dealer we took the jeep to did not have a clue how to work on the new JL, so we took it to another dealer and they are great to work with. They put in a new steering box which so far has fixed the steering lock-up problem and the wiring connector pushing pin out to remove some more problem areas. But each time we go 4 wheeling to a rocky area (Colorado in general) we get and ABS error which the jeep logs. So each week the dealer has tried to find and reproduce the error code but can not. So they contacted the Star Center, which is Jeeps Tech support for dealers and this agent in detroit response back with and I quote; "ITS REALLY NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED FOR HOURS ON END IN OFF ROADING CONDITIONS.
ITS POSSIBLE THEY ARE OVERRUNNING THE VEHICLE THAT ABS SYSTEM IS SEEING EXCESSIVE WHEEL SPEED FOR THAT MODE AND SETTING THE CODES". They he then informed the dealer they have no fix and will not pay the dealership to find a solution. I'm sorry I thought I bought the top of the line RUBICON, a Jeep that was design to go off roading and by the marketing department the best Jeep to date. FCA does not have a clue on how to support this Jeep through its dealerships. I guess it's time find some other product that works as advertised its not a Jeep for sure.