Synergy 2" lift - who's got it?


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Jan 11, 2020
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Seattle, WA
2020 JLU Rubicon Recon, was a 2017 JKU
There are a few posts about the Synergy 2" lift for the JL's, but it doesn't seem like many are running this setup? Why would that be?

Folks seem to love Synergy for track bars and steering components - but what's the feeling on their 2" lift?

I'm looking for a 2" lift for my incoming Rubicon Recon. Just want to squeeze some 37's under there, and have a reliable, high quality setup. I'd likely go with the Fox shocks as recommended by Synergy. Probably at least the starter system, if not the Stage 1.

I'm as interested in this for daily driving, as I am for off road.

Who's running this lift? Post some pics, let me know about the ride? I'm coming off the 3.5 AEV lift on my JKU. I've loved that lift. I am also considering the 2.5 AEV lift for the JL, but the Synergy has me really interested right now... I also like that it's a bit shorter than the AEV lift.

Thoughts? Opinions?