Switch into and out of 4Lo for newbies


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Aug 23, 2018
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2019, 2 door Sport S, Mojito!
I started by reading the manual then;

I listened to the experienced guys in the Jeep club then;

I learned from my own experience

Our Jeeps are expensive and none of us want to damage anything. A damaged transmission, I understand, can be expensive to fix.

The manual says that in 4Lo you should never exceed 40kph. Off road, the Jeep guys tell me, 4Lo should only be a last resort in difficult conditions. If you use it all the time it can overheat, they tell me.

Typically in 4Lo I am doing 5 – 15 kph so I am never going to reach 40kph. It is possible to reach 40kph on a beach by accident. To climb a sandhill you need speed and momentum so it is incorrect to use 4Lo on a beach, I feel.

The Jeep guys say 4Lo should be used off road on a steep uphill climb or steep downhill descent. Downhill, I was taught to push the gear lever over to Manual, and put it in 1st. This means the engine does the braking and saves your brakes.

The other time to use 4Lo is when going over difficult terrain. When you have been out with the Jeep club a few times you will understand the definition of difficult terrain for a Jeep. Which is even more difficult that you will imagine!

The procedure for switching into and out of 4Lo:

The manual says you should be rolling. I have learnt that to be rolling, you are either on flat ground or else facing downhill. If you are rolling uphill, you will come to a stop before the change is complete.

  1. Decrease your speed to 3kph – 5kph
  2. Move the gear lever to Neutral
  3. Move the Transfer case through Neutral, do not pause and continue to 4Lo
  4. Move the gear lever to Drive
To move out of 4Lo, do the opposite.

If you hear a clunk, you have done it incorrectly. Learn from that and do it better next time.

Sometimes I am moving a bit too quick, so the “D” on the instrument panel will flash meaning the gears have not engaged. The solution is to slow down and the “D” stops flashing.

I find off road that I am changing into and out of 4Lo all the time. Do it correctly, relax and have a great day!



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