Staying or getting off the bandwagon?

Where is your temperature on the JL as of now?

  • I want a JL, no doubt!

    Votes: 98 52.1%
  • I probably will get a JL, but still holding out for more details

    Votes: 68 36.2%
  • I'm starting to consider a JK, or another vehicle altogether

    Votes: 16 8.5%
  • I don't want a JL anymore

    Votes: 6 3.2%

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Apr 18, 2017
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No action in this thread in a while, but I will update to say I decided to jump off the bandwagon, and bought myself a 2017 bright white unlimited sport with half doors. There were two very big driving factors for me.

One, even though it is 99% my car, I still value the wife's opinion, and she really was not a fan of the look of the JL's. There are things I didn't like about the appearance, but there were things I liked better about the JL's than the JK's, but not enough to fight that battle, so that pushed me to the JK. So that was not a personal preference thing, just a keep the wife happy thing.

Half door availability was my primary personal reason. Yes, I know I can get them on the aftermarket, but I didn't want to have to pay for them when I can get them for free getting a JK. Finding a half door on the lot was really hard, so I had to jump at the opportunity while I could I felt.

There are some other factors that played into it as well:
  • The dealer was offering me a fantastic value for my trade, even more than what I thought I would be offered, and didn't want to miss out on that opportunity.
  • My current wrangler was starting to nickle and dime me to death, so it was just time. Had 110k miles
  • the base price jump, for what was important to me, was not worth getting a JL. I am a pretty basic guy and was pretty happy with my JK, and nothing that was coming down the pike in the JL was so outstanding to me where I said "I gotta have it!!!, where I would get a JL no matter what. The only substantial improvement for what mattered to me was the lack of zippers on the soft top. Not important enough to be a deciding factor.
  • I didn't really want a hard top this time anyway, but the same ole same ole with the hard top made that a non-factor.
That's my story. I am going to stick around on the forum though, because for one, I enjoy the hell out of it, and I am curious to see what everyone else gets. And I want to see how Aventus pimps his ride when he gets it!
Congrats on your new Jeep. I think for those of us that are looking at a Sport it is a harder choice because many of the real benefits are at the higher trims (especially if you are interested in manual like me). And if you are cost-conscious even more so. I did pros-and-cons and I think I will still go JL but it depends on how a few things play out.

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Oct 28, 2017
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From what I am seeing at a high volume jeep dealer, it looks like some of their 2 door 2018 JKs are already discounted almost $3,000 off MSRP. If this becomes a trend, it might indicate $5,000 to $7,000 difference between a 2018 JK on the lot vs a 2018 JL at the time of introduction sold at MSRP with no real discount. Assuming the dealer had a JK with the features I want, I must admit that such a cost difference would swing my purchase choice in favor of the JK. It would also allow me to trade the JK a few years down the road on a JL after some of the "new design recall" issues were resolved.
I understand this is an old poll -- maybe time to get a refresh now that many more details on the JL are out. For my purposes, the decision time has come and I will wait a few years to see how things develop with the JL model. In the mean time, I have found a 2016 JK Sport S (2 door) with under 2,000 miles on the odometer that will be mine to enjoy while I wait it out.
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Nov 7, 2016
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I'll make a new poll when full pricing is unveiled

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