Silent Panda's Rubicon update #5 - Z Automotive Tazer Mini

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Jan 20, 2019
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2018 JL Rubicon
This is the 5th (?!) update to our Rubicon build. I installed a Z Automotive Tazer Mini.

The build and subsequent update links are below:

The build -

Update 1 -

Update 2 -

Update 3 -

Update 4 -

We had a FlashCal but wanted more control. Specifically, I wanted to be able unlock the sway bar in 2wd or 4Hi and run the lockers in 2wd or 4Hi.

Why did I want that? I wanted a little more help when my friends and I do a 2wd challenge...and donuts and burnouts are more fun with the rear lockers.

There are other functions that differentiate the two units other than those specific ones that drew us to make the change. One of those differences is that I do not have to keep a hand held plugged into the OBDII port to use the more advanced features. I had no interest in finding a home for the the HMI.

The auto start stop memory and traction control memory are excellent features...many of us do not like that the auto start stop resets every time the car is turned off and restarted but also do not want to totally lose that feature. We just want a little more control over our Jeep.

I guess that is what it boils down to...control. Not like Prince or Janet Jackson but Jeep control...without wires.

Before you buy a unit to compensate for larger tires, etc...look a little deeper into the features. Read the list a few times. I passed over the Tazer Mini the first time...a lesson I paid for by buying two units and selling the FlashCal at a substantial discount to one lucky Jeeper.
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