Silent Panda's Rubicon update #4 - Metalcloak lower shock relocation brackets

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Jan 20, 2019
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2018 JL Rubicon
The 4th update to our build...Metalcloak lower shock relocation brackets.
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These brackets were in our Gamechanger kit but I did not install them back in March. The bushings we used for the upper shock mounts centered the damper in the mount...the location of the lower mount imparted a little to much side load into the damper I postponed the installation until I had more time to find a better bushing solution.

That solution was to use the narrow lower bushing in the upper location and make a spacer to to fill the gap and push the damper to the outside of the mount. The spacer needed to be 70mm long...FYI.

For those that don't know, this bracket changes the axis the lower bushing is mounted to from cross car to fore/aft. This change puts much less stress into the bushing and thus less side load into the damper during the big angles of articulation the Gamechanger kit is capable of.

This pic shows the new lower mount.

The Metalcloak instructions mention using zipties to fix the bracket position. I am a nerd and automotive engineer (redundant?!) and LOVE zipties. I really do having used them to bring home more than one vehicle. I wanted to find a better solution though as I had some time to kill. I drilled the bracket out, removed the weld nut and assembled per the directions. I did have to make a slight adjustment to the outer crimp to route the brake hose away from the relocation bracket.

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