Rough Country stubby and steps


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Feb 11, 2018
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Austin, Texas
2018 JLU - White
I swore to myself that on this JL I would take it slower than I did with the builds on my JK's, but here I am constantly ordering mods for it. I ordered the Rough Country Budget boost, for 179.00 I'll save up later if I want to upgrade to the Mopar lift, but it'll be good for the time being. Has anyone installed the Rough country front stubby on with the hoop? It says it comes ready for the winch, I have a Warn I took off of my JK before I traded it in, so I'm hoping there will be no issues putting it on this bumper. Also ordered the rough country steps, I live in the hill country of Tx and we have deers running across the roads at night constantly, and last year I had a deer bounce off of my side armor, so those tougher steps come in handy. If anyone has any thoughts about those let me know, I'm still looking around and will see what I think about these when they come in but would love pictures of the stubby and steps on your JL.

Mac Haik CDJR Georgetown