RockHard 4x4 Tire Carrier and Brace Review/tips.


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Aug 19, 2018
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2020 JLUR 3.6m, 2019 Acura RDX Adv.
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After getting a Metalcloak Rear bumper I found out my tire wouldn’t clear the bumper and I couldn’t close my tailgate. I needed the tire moved out about a half inch.

This led me to the @ROCK HARD 4X4 brace and carrier. My main thing was I wanted the rubber isolators to still stabilize the tire and if I moved it out on most carriers the tire would no longer touch. This one moved the isolators to the carrier making them adjustable.

First the metalwork. Fabrication was nice with no jagged edges.

Second the powder coat. This had a lot left to be desired. Many spots on the isolator mounts especially had bare steel. Que the many coats of spray paint. This was a minus.

Third was the hardware which to be honest is crap. First they sent me a pack that had all the wrong parts. I called. They were nice. Then they overnighted me out another pack that was “more” correct. This coupled with just some mind boggling choices made the unit uninstallable with their included hardware.

Que the orders to bolt depot. The main issue is the braces use 4-10mm bolts to attach and replace your stock torx bolts on the hinge. These bolts have a 17mm hex head (no mention of needing a 17mm socket in the instructions).

Now these bolts go into a recessed hole on the brace, the tolerances are so tight there is zero way to get a 17mm socket in there. Just none. I have two sets and neither were even close. I’d love to know how they installed this using the included hardware. I wanna see that video. If they have a socket that fits what brand cause it’s gotta be the craziest thinnest wall ever.

Moving along my solution was a Allen head button bolt. This went poorly, stripped, and had to drill the heads off.

Now I get why they want a recessed hole. The high lift bracket partially coverers them so they wanted it flush. But spacers. Spacers baby. I ended up buying 1/4” spacers and 10mm longer bolts to raise the hex head so I can get a socket on it. Then I used 1/2” spacers under the high lift mount to give me the clearance I needed.

After all this I had to realign my tailgate to fix some sag and done.

Now this is a great design for a tire carrier. Moves it out, relocates the isolators, gives you 6” up if needed, and has a nice spot for a high loft and antennae. Powder coat could use some attention.

That said I don’t think it is possible to install it with the provided hardware or according to their instructions. It’s also a mix of aluminum and steel so antiseize was used and nord lock washers to prevent anything from getting loose.

if you wanna install this it’s great, but look over the finish, spray paint where needed, get some antiseize, get some nord locks, and buy m10-60 hex bolts and 4-1/4” spacers and 4- 1/2” spacers.

Would I buy again? I’m 50/50. I feel like there are better ones out there for cheaper. None I saw however were this adjustable.

1. Original bolt. Can’t get socket in.
2. How it’s moved out, isolators.
3.Stripped button head.
4/5 install with spacers which I highly recommend.






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