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Jan 22, 2018
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Sheboygan, WI
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in 2018 we held almost 50 events and mapped public and private trails in the south and southeast Wisconsin. For 2019, we'll be ramping up our Trail Guide Ambassador program, hosting multiple rides per weekend (Trail Guides) and making the move to start a legislative initiative so Wisconsin will have a public trails program in the coming years. It's a lot of work and I thank everyone for joining, helping at events and teaching new folks how to ride the trails.

The universal trail rating system is in its final stages of development and we'd like to thank BFGoodrich for supporting trail development in Wisconsin. I'm pounding the pavement to meet with tourism, local towns, land managers and legislators about our slow speed trail initiative which you can see here - https://rl4wd.com/trails/slowspeedtrails.

Non-members can see the public trails we've mapped here - https://rl4wd.com/directory members see the private trails, trail map downloads etc. etc. Member dues are used to make more trails and turn boring flat trails into slow speed trails. We've been talking with the DNR to develop some test areas for SST stuff too so that's promising, but government so... it takes forever.

We're here to help clubs grow, get trails going, and welcome any feedback to make a great program. We've now secured a nationwide club landowner insurance program that's affordable as well which can be used to secure many more riding possibilities.

Anywho, events are being added each week by the trail guides here - https://rl4wd.com/Events our first trail guide class is this weekend, then you'll see pages pop up like these - https://rl4wd.com/trailguideambassadors.

Here's a video of our last ride - lots of JLs :)