Quick trip to Tahoe


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Aug 9, 2018
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Bay Area, California
2008 Toyota Corolla S, 2018 JL Sport S Unlimited
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Just got back from South Lake Tahoe and the Jeep handled very well. I didn't go off road or anything like that but there was this tight drive way that was blocked because we had 6 cars and I decided to get out of the garage through the dirt path in reverse. It was up hill and the rear tires spun out and I was digging into the dirt. I switched to 4H and got out but I burned the clutch and got that bad smell. This was all due to bad driving but I just went for it to see what the Jeep could do.

My question is, should I have used 4L to go in reverse and not worry about balancing the clutch, or is 4H the right choice here?
By the way, the odor is gone now so it should be okay.

I washed it as soon as we got home and somebody was visiting one of our neighbors and started talking to me about the Jeep. He has a 2013 JK and was giving me some tips. Pretty cool. He mentioned that once you get the doors off, you don't really have to screw the lock nut back to the hinge when putting the doors back on. Does anyone do that here? I guess it's not a big deal as long as the doors are locked right?

It was a great quick trip over the weekend!

So basically what you see in the picture is what I had to get out of in reverse, just to the right side of the tree.

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