Questionable Dealer Service Practices


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Jan 23, 2019
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2019 Wrangler Rubicon JLU
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I live in Colorado Springs and have a local dealer 5 minutes from my house. I tried to purchase a vehicle for my wife two years back and they tried to up-sell me on a different vehicle even though we gave them the VIN of the vehicle we were looking for. I took my business elsewhere and had a new Cherokee within 3hrs. The second dealership is north of "the Springs" by about half an hour. Unfortunately, road construction on I-25 makes going to this dealership a bit difficult. So, after looking all over the state of Colorado, I ended up buying my new 2019 JLUR in Idaho because no dealer in Colorado could find the Jeep I was looking for. So, it was now time to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Because of the road construction issue, I decided to take my Jeep to the "locale" dealer. Like I said, 5 minutes from the house. Oil change and tire rotation completed. Drive Jeep home. Go inside and get list to make a run to the store. Crank Jeep and attempt to drive out of neighborhood. Jeep is in "limp mode". Drive Jeep back to house and park. Decide to drive Jeep back to dealership. Drop Jeep off. Come back at the end of the day and was told that they couldn't find anything wrong with my Jeep but they ordered a new PCM for it. Was told the Jeep was not in "limp mode" when they cranked it up (after I dropped it off). Diagnostic didn't show any issues. I then asked why I needed a new "PCM". They said "It's the only thing we can think might be the issue". PCM is on "back order". I took the Jeep home and have had zero issues for the last two weeks. I really feel they did something to cause my Jeep to go into "limp mode". My gut tells me they are scamming the warranty program to increase revenue in the service shop. Something is fishy. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this?

Jim Marsh Chrysler Jeep