Question on OEM Rubicon steel bumper swap onto Sahara

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May 24, 2020
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I’ve done a fair amount of searching, and could not find the answer to this specific question...

I got a pretty good deal on an OEM Rubicon steel bumper including the steel skid plate and factory LED fogs; going to do the swap this weekend.

My question is in regards to the LED fogs, mine’s an ‘18 Sahara with a plastic bumper & incandescent fogs, & from what I’ve seen, the plugs should be the same, but I’ve heard two stories in regards to the need to have a dealer “flash“ it to get them to work, one says they need to be ”flashed”, and another says they don’t, they’re just plug and play (like the OEM LED taillight swap).

So can someone tell me conclusively whether or not I’ll need to get it “flashed“?
If so, my next two mods are the MOPAR LED headlight kit and the MOPAR in-dash auxiliary switch kit, and both of those will require a “flash”, so I’d just wait and have them all done together (as my dealer indicated they’d just do it for one minor charge).

Thanks for the help.

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