Prepping for my 2019 JLUR Order


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May 27, 2018
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Puerto Rico
Scat Pack Challenger
Talking to my wife, and after receiving a 50% Spirit Airlines coupon, we decided we are going to go ahead and ship my 2017 Scat Pack Challenger to Florida to sell it one Feb.

We are currently stationed in Puerto Rico and due back in the States next year. With a new baby due any day, the Challenger just won’t work (we couldn’t bring my 13 JKU with us here and taxes on our own to bring it in was $8k so I sold it. Come to find out we could have brought it, we just needed some paperwork. So I bought the Challenger to play with since it was only a year out from the JLs).

I figure since all we drive these days is the Raptor (Challenger only has 8k miles on it in 2 years) why not save the money I would normally pay on it and just put it in savings as a down payment. Plus I figure selling it vs trading it would prevent any issues with being lowballed on trade when I go to pick up my order and messing up the whole deal.

As soon as I know the exact return date I’m ordering:

Ocean Blue JLUR to be there when I get off the plane! Excited, can’t tell you how much I’ve missed a Jeep!

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